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Toilet Problems in Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro

Flush Properly

First determine the cause of the problem.

1. Is no water running into the toilet?
If you try flushing and no water runs into the toilet bowl, check the water level in the tank. It should be within about 1/2 inch of the top of the overflow pipe. The overflow pipe is the big vertical tube in the tank. If the water level isn’t high enough, parts inside the tank may need replaced. You can buy these at a hardware store. If you aren’t sure of how to do this, just give us a call and we can easily do the job for you.

If water doesn’t run into the bowl and the water level in the tank is high enough, try dumping a bucket of water into the bowl. If this clears out your toilet, the water inlet to the toilet is probably blocked (located inside the rim of the toilet).

2. Do you use a blue cleaning disc?
If you use a blue cleaning disc it may be jamming the flow of water. Taking care not to damage the porcelain, break up the jammed disc with a screwdriver or similar tool. Even if you can’t remove all of the disc, your toilet should start working again. The remains of the disc will dissolve over time.

3. Do you have hard water?
Another possibility is that hard water has created mineral deposits which are blocking an inlet inside the rim. Being careful not to scratch the porcelain, use a nail or something similar to clean out the mineral build-up.

If water is running into the toilet and the bowl is filling up without draining, you have a clogged drain. See “What To Do When a Drain is Clogged” for more information.

White Toilet | Toilet ProblemsToilet Runs Continuously

If your toilet just keeps running, open the tank and check the chain that hangs down vertically and attaches to the rubber “flapper” at the bottom. The chain should be taut. If it’s loose and you’re handy, you can shorten it by removing some links with some needle-nose pliers.

Toilet Tank Leaks

Sometimes water leaks from the tank into the bowl. This wastes water and money. At least once a year, check for leaks. Drop a small amount of food coloring into the tank. Check back a half hour later. If the toilet bowl water is colored, the tank is leaking. Some parts in the tank may need replacement.

Toilet Leaks at the Base

If water is leaking around the base of your toilet, check to see if the toilet has shifted. Shifting can break down the wax seal, allowing water to seep out under the toilet. If the toilet has shifted, you can sit on it and try twisting it back into position. If that doesn’t work, you may need to have the wax ring replaced on your toilet.

Remember, if none of these actions fix the problem that you’re having with your toilet, we can easily take care of it for you. Contact us today by calling (612) 922-9422 or Contact us Online.

How to Shut off Your Water in the Twin Cities

Learning how to shut off your water can prove to be very useful in an emergency situation. If you have any water leaks or a burst pipe, the first step is to turn off the water.

If you want to shut off the water to a particular sink or toilet, look for a valve under the sink or behind the toilet.Water Shutoff Valve

It’s desirable to have valves which control the flow of water to each fixture in your house so that it’s not necessary to turn off the water to the entire house to fix or replace a particular fixture.

Shutting Off Water to the Entire House
If you’re not finding a valve to a specific fixture, you can shut off the water to the entire house. Look for a main valve, possibly located in the basement, on an outside wall that faces the street. There should also be a main valve near the street or sidewalk in front of your house, although it may require a special tool to turn off this valve. Often this water shut-off valve is located in a buried box with a cement or metal lid.

Know in advance how to shut off the water. It’s a good idea to know where and how to turn off the water to your house in case of an emergency. Water pipes can break due to an freezing weather, old age, and other causes.

If you need help in locating and working the shut-off valve, a neighbor may be able to help you, or you can always call us at (612) 922-9422 or Contact us Online. We will have a technician there as quickly as possible to help you out with your plumbing emergency needs.

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